entrance view

T h e   T w i n   G a l l e r y   H o t e l

Welcome to the Twin Gallery Hotel, a five-star hotel where hospitality and art merge beautifully. Located in the city centre of Delft, it is only a small distance away from the top scenery that Delft has to offer. This luxurious, picturesque hotel will ensure you of a delightful stay.
The hotel thanks its name to the typology of the building, which is based on the traditional Delft twin house. Together with its gallery function, this provides for the lovely name it has nowadays.

location facades

Brabantse Turfmarkt 9B Delft

The assignment for this project was to create a Hotel Particulier in the centre of Delft. The exact location was given and the design was restricted to a certain amount of square meters. Requested were a minimum of eight bedrooms, a reception, a bar, a restaurant, a kitchen, a courtyard, an office and storage space.
This was my Msc 1 Interior project 2017.

location plan

Site plan

exterior impression

Canal view

The hotel is located along one of the canals of Delft. From the outside it looks as if one is looking at two separate buildings that are almost identical. In Delft this concept is known as Twin Houses. In this case however, the twin house is actually one building. Although the concept of two separate buildings is emphasized in the interior. When studying the buildings closely, one can notice a few differences: The left building is slightly broader then the right, and the rooftops of the buildings have a different slope. The roof of the left building starts higher and ends lower, the roof of the right building the exact opposite.

Coming inside the hotel one enters the left building and find themselves in the entrance hall. This is a two story high space with a reception downstairs and a lounge area upstairs. This space is connected to the hallway, which can be seen as the 'cavity' between the two buildings. That is why this hallway is surrounded by brick walls, truly giving that feeling of walking between the buildings.
The extraordinary thing about this entrance and hallway is that it also serves as a gallery for extraordinary art, such as paintings, sculptures and jewellery.
At the end of the hallway on the left side one will find a bar. This is the area where guests can enjoy coffee or wine and a small bite. Visitors of the arts are also welcome to come in to have a look around and moon on the exquisite paintings over a good glass of wine, maybe even purchase one of the amazing pieces. A courtyard is connected to this cafe and serves as a lovely terrace when the weather allows it. At the other side of this courtyard the restaurant can be found where breakfast and dinner are offered. This part of the hotel has a greenroof, providing home-made vegetables and such.
Most bedrooms are located upstairs. All of them are unique because of the difference in form, ceiling heights and wall colours. A staircase and glass elevator will provide guests access to these floors.
The top floor beholds a special surprise: another small courtyard with a glass circle in the middle of the floor which will bring light into the lounge area below.

ground floor

Ground floor

first floor

First floor

second floor

Second floor

section A

Section A

section B

Section B

Section C

Section C

section D

Section D

section E

Section E

The interior of the Twin Gallery Hotel is a very colourful one. Not one room has the same colour or form, making them unique. The entrance has the typical 'Delfts Blauw' look, thereby the guests are welcomed into the hotel with the familiar white and blue colours of the city.
The bar and restaurant have red and orange colours to enhance the warmth and welcoming feeling of the hotel.
The bedrooms all have different colours, where guests can even choose which one they prefer. These rooms have a carpet floor, all other rooms have parquet floors.
Of course the most outstanding material element is that of the gallery hallway fully consisting out of bricks giving it a rough, sort of dark feeling as though one walks between the cavity of the two buildings.

entrance impression

The vide above the entrance is enlightend by a circleformed sky light, which at the same time is the floor for the small open terrace above.

gallery hall ground floor impression

Gallery hall ground floor
The hallway seem as if it is the cavity between the walls of the two seperate houses. This outs materialwise into a brickwall interior. At the ends of the hall there are big canvas photographs of the city of Delft, reminding the guests constantly in which elegant city they are.

gallery hall first floor impression

Gallery hall first floor
Besides its connecting funtion, the hallway has an enjoyable purpose: together with the entrance, it serves as a gallery for art. Coming back to this hotel is a must, for the art is ever changing and different collections are shown regularely. Making the Twin Gallery Hotel equally attractive for guest as well as artlovers and collecters.

bedroom impression

The bed- and bathrooms are very spacious and beautifully decorated with bright colours. Most of them have french balconies so that the guest can open them and feel fully connected to the city on the one hand or to the courtyard on the other. All of which is contributing to the luxury of the hotel.

The model of this hotel is shown below. The focus is laid on the interior of the building, with its colourful walls, top floor courtyard with glass floor and height differences in the ceilings caused by the seperate sloped roofs.
Each floor is its own model, therefore it is possible to look at the hotel model as a whole or per floor.


Model left side view


Model front view


Model right side view

Building technology - Making the hallway and the roof serve as the sustainable machine for the whole building considering daylight, water-use, heat and ventilation.

Solar panels / energy: Solar panels are placed on the south facing roofs.

Rainwater collection: The two roofs together form a perfect funnel to collect rainwater. This rainwater will be led to a tank under the courtyard and used for flushing toilets.

Heatpump: The building will be heated by floorheating through a heatpump, which saves energy and causes less CO2 emissions.

Natural ventilation: The hallway in the middle of the building has ends on the east and west side of the building. This gives opportunity to create and use stack ventilation. This is natural ventilation using temperature differences to cause fresh air to get into the building, and used air to get out.

Prefab wooden construction skeleton: This construction is environmentally friendly and it saves energy because of its high insulating qualities. It is also a quick building method.

Green roof: On top of the back building will be a green roof, which will also be used to grow vegetables for use in the kitchen of the hotel.


West facade and details


East facade and details


East facade and details

Programs used for this project are: Sketch-up, Photoshop, AutoCad and InDesign. The interior images are photos taken of a model.