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Welcome to Blended, a luxury shoe store for men. It is a store where men not only blend their style together into a pair of shoes, but also a place where men blend with each other.
The store is the whiskey glass, the shoe displays are the ice cubes and the shoes are the different whiskey flavours.

The assignment behind this store was to create a luxury shoe store for men. This label has 4 different shoe types that can be customized and it has a standard and seasonal collection. Quality and high service are essential, which is also why a traveling mini version of the store is needed. The customers are gentlemen who could be of all ages, that are kind, have manners and most of all have a sense of humor.
This was my Minor Retail Design project 2016.


Manners - matter


Humor - great


Age? - irrelevant




Material board

The store can be recognized from the outside by its unique material combination. The lower part of the facade being concrete, the upper facade being a mixture of dark wood, bricks and glass windows. Looking into the windows of the store, into the whiskey glass, one will see the ice cube shoe displays.
The wood and the bricks on the exterior facade continue on the interior of the store, giving it a warm atmosphere as well as the sensation of rough material combined with smooth touches. The concrete lower part of the facade forms the entrance of the building.

facade view

Facade view

exterior impression 3D

Exterior impression 3D

When entering inside one will find themselves on a concrete platform. This platform will lead men upstairs towards the customize bar. This is where the shopping (the ordering of the whiskey) starts. A staff member will be there to greet the customer and help him in his journey towards the perfect show. At the customize bar there are sample books in which one can look and feel different materials, laces, colours, etc. Above the customize bar shoes are on display as an example of the many possibilities to choose from. At this bar the customer will get a store iPad with him in which he can select and save his favourite styles.
With the iPad the client will continue his journey downstairs. Whilst going down he walk past a huge ice cube display which beholds the seasonal collection. If a customized shoe is not what they are looking for, they can choose a shoe from the regular or seasonal collection.
Once downstairs the fitting will begin. There are four panels that each show a different shoe model (four models in total) in twelve sizes. That way there is a size for everyone to try on. During this process the customer will be advised by experts, they will be giving whiskey if they wish so and they will have a chat and a laugh with the other customers.
After all this is done, all that is left to do is order the customized shoe and collect them when they are ready. They will be given in a wooden whiskey box together with a membership card, which will provide a year long free shoe polishing.

ground floor

Ground floor

first floor

First floor

section A

Section A

section B

Section B

Images below will show the whole experience one will undertake in the store. From entering the store up until collecting the shoes, it is an experience that gentlemen truly appreciate and enjoy.
These images also show the materials, furniture and decoration elements. The brick walls and the concrete floor and ceiling form the base of the interior. The wooden structural elements such as the beaams and the first floor give it a warm feeling. The copper elements give a luxurious feeling. Especially the copper 'beams' of light that continue in a straight line from the wall all the way over the ceiling.
The furniture in the store match all these materials. The customize bar and the fitting panels are made out of concrete, the doors and tables are made out of wood, the fitting couches are made out of leather in the same copper colour and of course the ice cube displays that play an enormous part in the store are made out of glass.

welcome impression

Have an overall look in the store. see who and whats inside. Be welcomed by one of the staffmembers, who are all at your service.

Way upstairs impression

Way upstairs
While going upstairs, get inspired by the pictures on the walls. Get the feeling of being in a gentlemensclub, feeling welcome and being among the guys.

customize bar impression

Customize bar
Get your inspiration from the icecubes and sample book, then choose your favourite styles on the iPad. Any questions you might have you can ask the shoe-tender, who is always happy to help and give advice.

way downstairs impression

Way downstairs
Whilst youre on your way to the fitting area, have a look at the giant icecube wall: it might give you more inspiration for your own shoe or trigger you to buy a pair from the seasonal collection.

downstairs impression

Its all about the experience: have a whiskey and a good laugh with the other chaps in the store while choosing and fitting your shoe. The staff is there for all your needs.

enjoy impression

After ordering, you get an invitation to come back to the store when your shoes are ready. This is not just a quick pick up, youll be welcomed like an old friend, have a chat and a laugh and enjoy your new customized shoes!

The concept of the store is it being a whiskey glass that beholds the ice cubes that show the different whiskey flavours. Making a model for this store could have been made realistically, with its warm colours and its smooth versus rough surfaces.
However, this did not seem the right way to portray this store. This gentlemens shoe store, this luxurious experience deserves to be shown as something special and unique.
Therefore, the model is made out of lasercut acrylic. This way the miniature version of the store Blended truly looks as if it is a whiskey glass that holds your favourite type of whiskey flavour for you to drink.


Model BLENDED - lasercut acrylic





As an extra service Blended has the option for customers who arent able to come to the store, to let the store come to them. Blended has a so called travelling mini bar with around 16 shoes from the collection, existing out of 4 different models and 12 different shoe sizes to be fitted.
The traveling minibar is there for customers who for some reason cant make it to the store itself, but this minibar is also used at fashion events to promote the Blended label and to let customers try on the shoes at the scene.
When the minibar is closed it looks like a wooden whiskey box, when it is opened it opens into three panels that on one side displays the shoe collection for the customers to see and on the other side holds the different fitting sizes.

minibar closed

Travelling mini bar closed

minibar open

Travelling mini bar open

minibar section A

Section A

minibar section B

Section B

minibar model 1

Model travelling mini bar - lasercut plywood

minibar model2

Model travelling mini bar

minibar model3

Model travelling mini bar

Programs used for this project are: Sketch-up, Photoshop and AutoCad.