Hi there! I am Saskia Asselbergs. Being creative, the arts and architecture have always been interesting to me and have become a big part of my life. I am a self-taught painter and I have finished my master Architecture at the TU Delft in April 2019. In this portfolio you will find both my architectural projects and my art work.

During my study I have done a variety of projects. I designed a luxury shoe store for men, a new NAI in Rotterdam (which is an institute for art, fashion and architecture), a Hotel Particulier in Delft, I have participated in a renovation project for a Tibetan monastery in Kullu India and I have worked on a project called Framing the Ocean, where I designed an urban landscape as a leisure area which provides access to the beach, emphasizing on the beauty of the ocean and the importance of the natural landscape.
All these projects are quite unique, which is what I appreciate about them a lot. I have chosen to do these projects to learn as many skills as possible on a wide range in the architectural field. Besides that, I've found all these topics very interesting and enjoyable to work on.

Next to this I love being creative, mostly by painting and drawing. I've always had this passion and it was enhanced even more when I went to Florence in 2013, where I've done an art course to develop my skills.
In terms of style, I am mostly inspired by the pop-art movement. The media that I use differ from soft pastels, to pencils, to egg tempera, to oil-paint, but for most of my recent works I have used acrylic paint as a medium to paint onto paper.

- Florence Biennale 18-27 October 2019 (serie Nieuws?)
- We Contemporary Art show Prague, 5-7 December 2019 (revisie op de badende vrouw)

Thank you for visiting my website and showing interest.
If you'd like you could reach out to:

florence biennale